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Xerious Solutions offers a comprehensive MRP accounting, material resource planning, and distribution package for the small to medium sized manufacturer and distributor.

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Providing excellent software service requires more than just dedication. The personnel servicing the customer must meet high standards, and the product must be capable of being serviced quickly without the risk of damaging or losing customers' sensitive data. As most software companies grow, the quality of support declines. By not allowing this to happen at Xerious Solutions, we ensure a successful growth plan.

From an operational standpoint, we have several mechanisms in place to maintain our level of service. We set up temporary backup procedures for our customers and train them to use them on a scheduled basis. We maintain a library of corrective software utilities to reset activity in the system in case of operator error or system failures, and we utilize a highly reliable telecommunications package for remote support. Our support options allow us to serve customers from a centralized support location or at their business site, whichever is needed.

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