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Why Customizable MRP & Accounting?

Simply put; if your company has to operate within the confines of your software, profits will be reduced and growth will be realized much slower. Would your company own a machine that could only cut 75% of your raw materials leaving you to cut the rest by hand? Of course not. Software is no different from a machine. It should perform all of the tasks that you require, and perform them the way that you need.

At Xerious, all of our software products can be customized for each customer, without losing the ability to accept future enhancements. We maintain a single base of code for each product that is smart enough to discern which customer is running it. With this approach we greatly reduce the effort required to maintain our products while providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction in the industry.

One of our customers switched to Xe Plant because they could not do industry standard quotes with their existing product. We wrote and integrated the module for them at an affordable price, and converted their data, making for a smooth crossover. Another of our customers has been able to grow their business from $9M a year to $75M a year in just 9 years. We have adapted our software to meet the changes in their business model so that they could achieve this record growth.

So, call us today to see how Xerious can help your business.

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