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Xe Plant:

Our company is a small manufacturing company with very unique processing procedures. I have been searching for software to manage and track quotes and orders for over five years. We were too big for an "off the shelf" package but not large enough to justify the expense of a completely custom program.

Xerious Solutions was able to offer us a system that took care of our quoting, order processing and accounting functions and were able to modify it to match our unique circumstances. Their creative approach to our special needs allowed us to streamline our procedures, reduce redundancies and mistakes.

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They were able to stay within the budgeted quote as well as the estimated time to convert the data. The system is relatively easy to use so the training time / down-time were minimal.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking for a custom program without the custom price.

Beverly Grimley, Co-owner
Brandt Affixing, Inc
Carrolton TX

The key to Xerious is their commitment to provide a software program that works with your current business model not changing that model to fit a software program. They are very patient and truly listen to your current problems, long term strategies and overall business philosophy. It is a company that understands that your software is a tool, not the business itself.


Sherrill Lester, Owner
QMF Metals

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