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Xerious Solutions is one of the best software packages our company has ever purchased. Within one week it paid for itself in lowering freight cost! Time saving - WOW, put in the destination zip code, weight, and pallet quantity and within seconds it shows you which carrier is the cheapest and how many days to its destination. Plus, if you are invoiced wrong, we just print out our quote from this software and pay our quoted price. No hidden costs from freight carriers.

All of your support in getting started was great, any questions and your company was one phone call away.

I would recommend this freight software to a small or large company that has any expense at all in freight charges!

Thanks Again for your support, Xerious Solutions is definitely the Solution for saving time & freight costs!

Barbara Kinzie, Manager
Canines Choice
Marion IN

We approached the folks at Xerious Solutions less than a year ago to help us expedite the process of creating bolís from our Macola ERP system. Over the next couple months they tailored their product to our needs. We now have a system we are using for about twenty external warehouses that reads the info from Macola, creates a template BOL we can edit, and then emails the bol along with a packing slip. This system has exceeded our expectations. We continue to expand on this system and look forward to working with Xerious Solutions in the future.

Chris McGuirk
IT Director
The Barton Group

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